A Creative Aesthetic for Every Medium

Who we are and what we do

Media is our business. No matter whether your mode of delivery is print, internet, or television, we have the experience and skill to make your message stand out from the pack. Our multi-disciplinary approach lets us create a unified look for your marketing. From videography and photography to graphic design, Ruckus is your visual agency. Whether someone sees your website or your newsprint ad first, they should be able to tell who you are and what you do. We specialize in conveying that message.

Web design

Our web design portfolio is lengthy. We've been designing websites since 1996, and in that time technology has changed tremendously. Bringing your message to this changing medium while balancing new technology and accessability is our forte´. When you invest in one of our websites, you’re building a lasting presence online, as well as forging a relationship with a premier design and programming team. From secure online stores to corporate websites and personal blogs, Ruckus delivers a quality online experience.

print design

We’re just as much at home doing conventional print design as we are designing web sites. We’ve worked on a huge variety of print projects. Our years of experience with different printing methods ensure that you’ll get the right technology for the job – an important consideration when investing in printed materials. From short-run digital printing to full color offset to screen printing, our designers have the knowledge to make sure your printing budget goes as far as it can. For quality print design, look no further.


Of course, graphic design (whether for print or internet) is only part of the puzzle. If you’re in need of architectural, product, or commercial photography, Ruckus Visual Arts can provide you with stunning imagery. We have extensive experience in both studio and location photography. Our all-digital workflow gives us the flexibility to meet your needs.


Rounding out our skillset is cinema & videography. In today’s world of converging media, Ruckus can provide a solution that encompasses every medium. We can create a video presentation for online use, television, or DVD...in short, any or all media that you would need to cover. We use an all-digital workflow with a high quality 3CCD SD camera and a Final Cut pro editing station. Our owner, Asa Gilmore, has been voted “Best Filmmaker” in the News & Review “Best of Northern Nevada” contest for two years running.

project management

However impressive our list of abilities may be, our true strength is our capability to use them together. By keeping the design, photography, and videography of your project consistent, we’re able to create visual materials that will be the envy of your competition.




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